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Sunshine State Standards

The domain that we have focused on is environmental chemistry.The critical concepts related to environmental chemistry would be the changes in the environment that cause changes in plant and animal species that inhabit different ecosystems, and the use of limited resources due to our changing world and the danger of its depletion.There are additional concepts that may be integrated in further environmental studies as well.

The Sunshine State Standards that would enable students to work towards understanding these critical concepts would be classified under strand G, "How living things interact with their environment." These standards are stated at Level 2 for Grades 3-5.

The Sunshine State Standards:

SC.G.1.2.7- The student knows that variations in light, water, temperature, and soil content are responsible for the survival of different kinds of organisms and the species population in an ecosystem.

SC.G.1.3.2- The student knows that the biological adaptations include changes in structures, behaviors, or physiology that may enhancethe success of reproduction in a particular environment.

SC.G.2.1.2- The student knows that the activities of humans affect plants and animals in many ways.

SC.G.2.2.3- The student understands that changes in the habitat of an organism may be beneficial or harmful.

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